24 February 2012

Tree Stump

I started out cutting out patterns in my sketchbook paper as an experiment, and as i was flipping the pages my lamp made the shadows super pretty. i think i shall experiment with this concept a little
bit more..

22 February 2012

Some more collage

I found this birds eye view of Burmese landscape in an 1950's magazine, I though this too amazing to just leave it!

15 February 2012

12 February 2012

Language Poster/Flyer

Our illustration year has been given a brief to make a 'Language and the real world' poster/flyer design for the language department at Portsmouth University. So i took this as an opportunity to experiment with Illustrator and Photoshop.

6 February 2012

This little guy.

This little endangered snub-nosed monkey, is located in asia and is rabidly losing his home to deforestation..

2 February 2012

Some more collage bits..

Just little more playing around with the idea of human vs. nature.