14 December 2010



Screen Prints.

Overheard Conversations

For 6 weeks i pretended to mind my own business, and fake listen to my ipod. Some conversations were truly BRILLIANT.

13 December 2010


Sawing paper is hardy than it sounds..

12 December 2010

Mr. Neon

A character created based on the elements of the periodic table element (neon) and it's characteristics.



Metropolis was a project set to us in year 1, which basically told us to get to know Portsmouth and come up with a visual interpretation of our first impressions of it as a city. I guess i didn't like it very much that day..

She was 90% Punk & 10% Glamour.

Doodles galore. Experimenting with photoshop payed off!

Secret Box

This is one of my foundation year final pieces, who also happen to be some of my favourite people..